All sporting and leisure activities have hazards associated with them and hill walking is no exception. In spite of the safety of members always being our paramount concern, accidents may occasionally happen. It is important that each individual accepts these risks and that they have a responsibility to eliminate or minimise risks to themselves and others.

Wirral Ramblers are covered for Public Liability Insurance. This covers club members against risks of being sued by a member of the public (or another club member) for injury or death of a third party (or club member), or damage to a third party's (or club member's) property.

It is not a personal insurance, accident or travel insurance. It does not cover rescue, medical expenses, emergency assistance or damage to or loss of property belonging to members.

Nor does it cover club members for personal injury or damage or loss of property while using private cars, public transport or the club's hired coaches.

Full details of the Ramblers' insurance are included in this document.