Route Descriptions Guidance

  • Please make the Route Descriptions between 60 and 80 words in length (5 walks on a Sunday may result in a long description being abbreviated).
  • Include the distance in miles and kilometres, the ascent in feet and metres and the walk grading points.
  • Please ensure that the walk starting point is explicit i.e. 'from the coach CP...' or 'from Llangollen...'.
  • If the walk does not start at the final drop off point, the route description should include the six-figure map reference of the start point.
  • When starting along the way, the term 'rucksacks on the coach please' will be added to the description unless there is a specific request not to do so.
  • The route and parking information on the 'Coach Routes Leaders' Information' pdf will be followed unless the B plus leader requests otherwise.
  • Please forward Route Descriptions as soon as they have been prepared, ideally by the Monday of the week of the walk. Please send them to wirralroutes@gmail.com
  • Once received the information is collated onto one sheet. Abbreviations and fonts etc. are standardised. Copies are distributed for the website, the clubroom and the coach. The information is also collated onto a Start Order sheet. Delay in forwarding the Route Descriptions causes more work.